Private Loans

Private Loans

The current real estate market, investors with a desire to place funds in quality loans and a perceived competitive advantage over other lenders in the market have resulted in the availability of private loans with Paul Smist Real

Our preferred lending niche is owner occupied properties (a rarity in private lending these days) with loan particulars that fall just outside of more conventional loan requirements for one reason or another. The following can be used as our current general guidelines:

       65% LTV
       6% - 9% annual interest rate with interest only monthly payments
       1 – 5 year term
       $200K - $1.5M loan amounts with loans as low as $50K and as high as $2M considered.

Minimum documentation that will be required is loan application, credit report and appraisal.
Funding and final terms will be predicated on the financing request details and all interested parties are encouraged to contact me to discuss their situation. – Paul Smist


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